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Kampnagel Hamburg
Jan 28, 2023
Jan 28, 2023

Choke Hole: Boob Camp

CHOKE HOLE returns! The New Orleans based and internationally acclaimed “Extreme Drag Wrestling” show returns to Kampnagel for the first time since their triumphant 2021 debut. The wrestling collective recently wrapped up a residency at AREA15 in Las Vegas and are now on the hunt for new talent, hosting CHOKE HOLE : BOOB CAMP, a week long workshop at Kampnagel theatre to pass on their extreme drag wrestling knowledge. Ten participants will take part in a rigorous curriculum, learning everything necessary to become a trained CHOKE HOLE performer. Then they’ll “graduate” at a final show, where students will showcase what they’ve developed - framed by show fights by CHOKE HOLE professionals and followed by a set by Choke Hole performer, self-proclaimed "Body Building Barbie" and international DJ celebrity Miss Toto (Chicago). Let's get ready to rumble! CHOKE HOLE places a queer lens on the traditionally machismo world of wrestling, using drag and queer performance to intensify and make apparent the inherently flamboyant and camp elements of professional wrestling. The event itself combines lip sync performances, choreographed wrestling matches, acting, character building, and video elements to create an overarching storyline, which builds a fully immersive nightlife experience. CHOKE HOLE wrestlers and matches are defined by one of the most important queer performative tools, exaggeration. From a crazed real estate investor fighting for her right to gentrify against an alien-bug squatter, to a washed up pop star, and a conspiracy-spouting white-dread-sporting cop, the show reflects what we see and experience locally and culturally, but amps it up to ridiculous heights.

Choke Hole

Born from the illegal warehouse parties of New Orleans.... Comes the ultimate hybrid of Sensationalist Pro-Wrestling and Gender-bending Performance.
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HYENAZ create immersive performances, dance tracks, soundscapes, performative installations and a/v works they produce utelize the sonic shape-shifting of field recordings gathered in the process of site-specific works.
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Rykena Jüngst

Carolin Jüngst and Lisa Rykena work as an artistic duo between the cities of Munich and Hamburg engaging with queerfeminist, intersectional and anti-ableist body discourses
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Yony Leyser

Yony Leyser spent his youth in cities with rich, queer histories and complex narratives around identity, race, displacement and belonging. From a young age, Leyser made it his life mission to explore these themes and give a voice and platform to those marginalised by society.
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LEAD Productions is dedicated to enabling diverse talent and empowering contemporary cutting edge performance. This passionate production company brings decades of experience from a wide realm of arts and culture.

It is our strong belief that art needs professional and passionate organisation. We co-create groundbreaking performing arts projects, guaranteeing a smooth flow of pre, post and on-site production, ensuring its economic stability and creative quality.

We are committed to supporting queer, feminist and otherwise marginalised artists.
Helping to establish deep community connections, long-standing collaborations and inspiring opportunities in the world of performing arts.  We are passionate about the artists we represent, dedicated to realising their distinct perspectives and helping to challenge the status quo.

Founded in 2020 by managing director / producer Lea Connert and creative producer Dana Tucker, the team also includes creative producers Carolina Brinkmann, Uta Engel and Irina Duskova. With combined backgrounds of dance, theatre, music, film, fashion and art, we provide a truly unique perspective to support our transdisciplinary artists

LEAD Productions collaborates closely with Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik, Germany's largest independent performance and production space.

“Kill them with kindness!”

As the modern matriarch of the company, Lea Connert leads the team like she does every project, with accuracy, efficiency and always a smile. After studying theater and political sciences, she’s worked in multiple aspects of the arts, from set design to directing and everything in between. Lea thrives under pressure, balancing large-scale budgets to pull off enormous International festivals and productions with ease. She loves the extraordinary and feels deeply drawn to the intensity and playfulness of art. She strives to be a fierce but gentle knight in shining armor.

Lea holds a big set of proverbial keys, successful in both unlocking deals and securing opportunities!

Lea identifies as an intersectional feminist and goes by pronouns she/her or they/them

Dana Tucker

“There’s always a solution!”

Just a teenager when she quite literally ran away with the Circus, Dana Tucker then toured internationally for the next decade and a half. Working with everyone from rock stars, to showgirls, to carnival hustlers, she gained a world of knowledge about touring and the performing arts. A LEAD founding member, a people-person and a meticulous organiser, her passion lays in showcasing the diversity and talent of the queer community. She works fiercely supporting intersectional solo artists and loves connecting multi talented performers to build up spectacular collective ensembles. She works relentlessly to create space for these artists and their distinct perspectives, that make art (and life) so interesting.

Dana goes by the pronouns she/her

Uta Engel

“I care about your vision, I care about my vision,  I care about THE vision.”

A devote dancer from childhood on, it was clear early on that Uta Engel would have a lifelong career in dance.  Studying early ballet, rained as a contemporary dancer and choreographer, then later graduating in business management, she found the place for both those passions to intersect in the world of production. Equally adept at budget management as she is at dramaturgy, Uta works relentlessly, realising the artistic process from beginning to end.

These decades of experience have made her a top-notch producer, a tireless team player and a passionate and loyal collaborator.

Uta identifies as a mother, a wise-cracker and goes by the pronouns she/her.

Carolina Brinkmann

“A ray of light”

Carolina Brinkmann contributes a fresh and current perspective to the LEAD team. Immensely passionate and constantly inquisical, she is particularly determined to bring works that deal with feminist and post-colonial issues to the forefront of the conversation. Currently doing her masters in Cultural Management, after a bachelor in cultural studies and internships in various cultural institutions across South East Asia, she joyfully joins every production, searching for new experiences to expand her point of view and broaden her skill set. No stranger to the stage herself, she DJs and produces music for theater and wants to eventually move to curating music/arts festivals from her broad network of young, up and coming talent.

Carolina brings a proverbial ray of light to every production and goes by the pronouns she/her.

Irina Duskova

"Connecting people"

Irina Duskova is a cultural manager, theatre producer, curator, agent and diversity agent living in Helsinki. She has studied Theatre Management at the Lithuanian Theatre and Music Academy and International Cultural Policy Studies at Warwick University, UK.
Her way into the world of theatre has started when Irina was 10 years old in a school theatre group in Vilnius, Lithuania. Having worked in the field for over 15 years, she has produced, managed and curated performing art festivals in Lithuania, Finland, Kazakhstan, USA; facilitated seminars and workshops for young theatre managers; organised numerous tours of theatre and dance companies around the world.

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