Federica Dauri

In her artistic practice, the human body is the central object of projection and introspection, by focusing on a profound research in the physical, emotional, and social relevance.

Federica Dauri is a performance artist, choreographer, and dancer. Born and raised in Rome, Federica moved to Berlin in 2014 after having lived and worked in New York and Amsterdam since 2009,
After studying ballet, contemporary dance, and choreography at the National Academy of dance in Rome, Dauri specialized in a critical investigation of body politics, philosophy, and performing art.
Her creative work is rooted in a critical engagement with Rudolf Steiner's system of Eurythmy a rhythmical, physical, and vocal art of expression, as well as the Japanese dance Butoh, studying with teachers such Masaki Iwana and Akira Kasai.
She refined her performance signature under the lead direction of Trisha Brown in New York.

Her work has allowed her to pursue a wide range of artistic mediums such as performance art _especially long-durational performances _ as well as installations and mix media works.
She has produced and directed performance work for established exhibition spaces, theaters, festivals, and art residencies across Europe, such Elbphiarmonie Hamburg, Q21 Vienna, Kunsteverein Hamburg, ICK Amsterdam, Volksbuhne Berlin, Moca Contemporary art museum Skopje, Sculpture Quadriennal Riga, University Fine Art Sofia and many others on her own, or in collaboration with visual artists, researchers, and composers.
She also collaborates and performs with Canadian artist and singer Peaches since 2016.

Was selected by Marina Abramovic Institut to perform in an exhibition dedicated to long-durational performance at the Fondazione Feltrinelli Milano that due covid still has to happen.
Her artistic research questions the meaning of presence: what does it mean to be present? It revolves around the consciousness of the self in relation to the environment.
Mindfulness in fact means maintaining moment by moment awareness of the thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, surrounding environment, and relationship with others.

In her artistic practice, the human body is the central object of projection and introspection, by focusing on a profound research in the physical, emotional, and social relevance.
Through this investigation, the body becomes subject and object at the same time, content and form, a tool of research, and the researched concept.
Her body is constantly pushed towards the unknown, the beyond, the hidden, the indistinct, the elusive, this is where the performance truly reformulates feelings and actions.

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CURRENT & upcoming performances
CorpOrale 2020-Present: https://vimeo.com/496268331 A transformation from bodies into an orchestra, a sound-performative installation maintaining the same characteristics, research, and compositional principle. CorpOrale is currently ready to be distributed as a structured 35-minute performance.. and is currently looking for funds or residencies to be able to expand it.

BLUE 2020-Present: https://vimeo.com/529345124 Blue is a video art work that was born during the first lockdown in collaboration with the director and video maker Ivan Neri.I intend to transform blue into a performative installation, reconstructing inside a hypothetical exhibition space the cellar in which I closed myself to work during those interminable and dark weeks of lockdown. Thus recreating that intimate place suspended in time, and inviting one spectator at a time to enter and immerse themselves in this intimate, suspended, and solitary space.
-video and performative installation available for distribution.

Embodied space 2021: Embodied space is a long durational and site-specific performance conceived in 2019 but still never performed. Embodied space has been selected by the Marina Abramovic Institute to take part in a group exhibition dedicated to long durational performance at the Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan, during the Milan design week (it should have happened last April but due to the covid the date has yet to be defined). Last April 2021 I was selected with this project to take part in a 1-month residency at the Q21, Museum quarter Vienna. A video project from the work Embodied space was born from this residency, in collaboration with Ivan Neri, but we are still in the editing process.
-this performance is available for distribution.